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A test page of historic information on French pool dining tables.

The table info is drawn from the Billards Plaisance collection.

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Introduction to info on pool dining tables

  • innovative designs, setting new standards for domestic pool
  • mix-options with a combination of wood or glass dining tops
  • matching dining chairs for most models in the Prestige range
  • made from oak, cherry and other selected hardwoods
  • the finest laminates for the Decor range
  • quality solid beech for the Fitan-London ranges
  • a classic range of oak diners in a choice of oak-finishes
  • all pool diners seat up to 8-10 people
  • Simonis competition cloth fitted as standard
  • available in 3 sizes: 6ft, 7ft and 8ft (for the Prestige range only)
  • Decor and Fitan-London ranges available in a standard 7ft size
  • central extension-leaf for Prestige range to increase seating
  • available as American pool, English pool, or French pool
  • a playing area also suitable for 10-red-balls English snooker.


Product and Company Information Presented on this homepage (Menu)

This is the homepage and main information page for an exclusive range of European pool diner tables. The supporting content (below) is bookmarked into the following 9 info-sections: 

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1. Choice of English pool or American pool or French pool

All the pool dining tables featured can be manufactured and configured as an American pool (billiards) table, an English pool table (plus 10-reds snooker), or a French carom billiards table. The main differences are the size of pockets, the size of the balls, the depth of the cushions, the type and bounce of the cushion rubber, and the texture of the table cloth. Please note we are now able to offer an 8ft snooker table option conforming to British tournament snooker standards. These adaptations to an 8ft table are made in our own workshop here in the UK.

corner-image of a pool dining table set to play the American game

1. American
The balls are 2.25 inches and the cushions are are set flush to the cushion rail

corner-image of a pool table set to play the French game

2.  Carom 
The balls are 2.5" and the cushions are set slightly higher than the cushion rail

corner-image of a pool dining table set to play the English game

3. English
The balls are 2" and the cushions are set below the cushion rail and inset over the pockets


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2. Pool Dining Table Dimensions plus seating

All pool tables (American, English and French ) are available with matching sectional dining tops in wood-veneer, and most have the option of a glass top in clear, patterned or frosted glass - see alternating image bottom right. The other images demonstrate the seating options using either chairs or stools. There are 3 sizes of table: 6ft (1.9m), 7ft (2.10 m) and 8ft (2.4m). The dining tops for the 6ft and 7ft table can be extended by inserting an additional centre leaf, and the respective dimensions are shown in centimetres. The veneered-wood 7ft diner tops (including leaf extension) for the Prestige range are interchangeable with the tops for the Decor and Actuel ranges

image of the seating arrangements for a 6ft pool dining table

image of the seating arrangements for a 7ft pool dining table

image of the seating arrangements for an 8ft pool dining table

Alternating images of glass and wood tops for a pool ding table


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3. Height of chairs and pool dining tables (for Prestige range)

All Prestige tables are set at a FIXED dining height of 79cm (approx 31 inches). Matching chairs are available with most tables, and their dimensions are shown in the image below.


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4. Room dimensions for pool diner tables

The tables are categorised in the UK as 6ft, 7ft and 8ft. For convenience and accuracy it is recommend that calculations are in metric. The drawings will help you to assess the space needed for a pool diner. If you have already made the measurements, we will be able to advise you on a suitable pool diner in order to optimize size within the dedicated room. Email us for advice on room dimensions

Sizes of pool dining tables:

Dimensions of the tables (to outer cushion edge) :
1.90 m (6ft) 1.90 x 1.07 m
2.10 m (7ft) 2.11 x 1.19 m
2.40 m (8ft) 2.40 x 1.35 m

Playing surface areas of pool dining tables:

1.90 m (6ft) 1.66 x 0.83 m
2.10 m (7ft) 1.83 x 0.91 m
2.40 m (8ft) 2.10 x 1.05 m

Dimensions of the room:

Add preferred cue length to the playing surface area to determine the perimeter and optimum space-use. Cue lengths vary from 0.92m to1.48 m, depending on the age of the player and the choice of game.

image of minimum room sizes for a pool dining table (end view)

image of minimun room sizes for a pool dining table (top view)

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5. About the French pool dining tables on this site

The site features 4 ranges of pool dining tables by the famous French billiard table maker, Billards Plaisance.

Prestige range table gallery

There are 9 pool diner tables featured in the flagship Prestige range on this site, although we are able to import their complete range of 20 pool dining tables as featured in the Billards Plaisance product brochure. Most of the pool dining tables come in 3 sizes (6ft, 7ft and 8ft) and almost all have the option of matching chairs. These are fixed height pool diners tables set at 79cm (31”). The smaller tables have 2-piece dining tops, with the option of a third-leaf as an extension. The 8ft table has a standard 3-piece top. Only the 7ft tables have the further option of a glass top (plain, frosted or patterned). All the pool dining tables are slate-bed, using best quality Italian slate. The table-legs and supporting structures are hardwoods (oak, cherry or taurari) with matching wood veneers for the dining table tops and furniture rails. Most of these are presented as diner-sets (i.e. combinations of pool tables, dining tables and chairs). Each table comes with the option of playing American pool, English pool or French pool (also known as carom billiards). These tables are also suitable as English billiards tables.

Fitan-London range table gallery

In order to simplify choice and production - and to streamline costs - the Fitan-London Actual range was introduced 18 months ago. There is one size (the most popular 7ft), only 2 leg-styles, and with a reliance on the more standard bucket method of 4-ball capture associated with diners. The tables still retain the high standard of aesthetic design for which Billards Plaisance is world famous. The finish is in any of 6 pained or natural veneers, either as a single finish or a combination finish. Two-piece tops in wood or glass are also available, as are the full choice of 3-piece dining tops that form the Prestige collection. We have recently introduced a 2-tone colour combination for these tables

Decor range table gallery

In early 2012 the new Decor range was introduced, again retaining the integrity of design and manufacture by Billards Plaisance. By applying heavy grade laminates in wood steel and glass, this range takes the simplicity of Actuel range into a new dimension of stunning (and shimmering) solidity. There are 6 models of pool dining tables featured, all 7ft.

Classic oak diners (3 featured tables)

These pool diners have all the features of the Prestige range, concentrating of the simple straight lines that are increasingly popular with modern dining room furniture. The 3 most popular oak finishes are featured: natural oak, dark (or antiqued) oak and white waxed oak. In addition we are able offer tables in any shade of oak with a match-to-sample service

Outdoor pool tables

Also by Billards Plaisance, a unique collection of all-weather aluminium pool tables with optional dining tops (these classy tables are also suitable for indoor use).  

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6. About us, our policy and conditions


Billards Plaisance pool dining tables are made in France

The aim of this website is to showcase large images of the the pool dining tables on offer and to provide a simple email communication link to allow site visitors to carry out research. We do not sell on-line, nor do we enter into a contract of sale on-line. Any subsequent purchases will be subject only to those conditions agreed by all parties consequent to email or telephone exchanges, and on an understanding of mutual good faith. Notwithstanding we conform to all our statutory  obligations, and we comply in good faith, in particular with:

● Sale of Goods Act
● Distance Selling Regulations
● Data Protection Act

In these regards we recognise customers rights to cancellation and rejection.

In the interim, we offer a full project management service that attends to the various issues surrounding the selection and installation of a quality slate-bed table.

Privacy and use of Cookies:

We do not accept payments online through this Poolrooms website, therefore there is no Internet Privacy issue concerning financial data, nor any wider issue over the use of Cookies. We do not place cookies. We only collect customer details in our response to customer enquiries and in our response to brochure requests and in this regard we observe our obligations under the Data Protection Act. We do not release this information to third parties other than that is necessary in the fulfilment of customer orders.

We only collect customer details in our response to customer-originated enquiries that emanate from phone calls and email communications, either as a brochure request or through the use of our enquiry forms submitted via email. Our enquiry forms are designed to rely only on an email address. We do not request phone numbers or postal addresses.

Phone us on XXXXX  or email us if you have any queries on these terms

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7. About Billards Plaisance

Billards Plaisance have manufactured pool dining tables for more than 35 years. The company was established in Plaisance in the south of France by the FITAN family. They were the first company in the world to develop domestic billiard tables as, first and foremost, items of quality dining furniture. The company combined the furniture design with billiards engineering to a level that is now copied throughout Europe and beyond.

This spirit of enterprise has led to Billards Plaisance leading the way in pool dining table design. Since the first model was developed, the concept of a domestic pool diner table is constantly being improved upon. Creativity has guaranteed success. Focussing on the home as an alternative Billiards venue is introducing the game to a new generation and broadening its appeal. The Billards Plaisance product brochure tells a more graphic story of the company, its products and their history. Here is an translated extract:

Pool Dining Tables by Billards Plaisance (Text by Philippe Fitan, owner)

Patented design

All our designs are registered and subjected to a patent. Choose the original Billards Plaisance! A pool table is an assembly of numerous parts which all have a specific name. The diagram (in the brochure) will help you visualize the different components of a pool table and familiarize yourself with the vocabulary, hence allowing you to communicate better with your Billards Plaisance adviser:

1. The legs

Always in solid wood (in the Prestige and Fitan-London range) with built-in leg levellers to make your table level whatever your floor. Stained and veneered, the oak and cherry hardwoods obtain a beautiful sheen with time.

2. The frame

The frame acts as a support for the game top. In order to prevent any bending, the frame is very tough. It can be made of either wood or metal.

3. The slate

The slate comes exclusively from quarries in Italy, well known for its top quality and density for billiard slate. In each and every part, the slate is precisely adjusted and meticulously polished to the finest level.

4. The rubber cushions

The rubber determines the quality of the rebound:
*American game: triangular-shaped cushions for 57 or 52 mm balls depending on the models.
*French game: conversion accessories for French 57 mm balls or quadrangular cushions for French 61.5 mm balls.
*English game: L-shaped cushions for pool 50.8 mm balls.

5. The cushion frame

The upper frame is firmly attached to the cushions and must be perfectly fixed onto the slate in order to transmit the rebound. It is manufactured on a numeric control machine to allow for extreme precision.

6. The cloth

The pool table cloth is draped on the slate, stapled and glued onto the cushions; the cloth comes from renowned professional suppliers: Gorina and Simonis, registered by the Fédération Francaise du Billard. The cloth is manually fixed, following a rigorous and meticulous technique, which can only be achieved by the finest craftsmen.

7. The ball return system

There are 3 systems according to the models.
a. The ball-drawers : soundproofed and padded, the balls return to the centre of the table behind the drawer fronts on either side of the table.
b. The pool pockets: extremely thick rubber is placed on top of each pool pocket which can contain up to 4 balls.
c. The box: with 2 openings on one side of the pool table, its design is very simple.

8. Storage

Two panels are fixed to accommodate the accessories. The reliability of your pool table will not only be determined by the quality of the various components’ assembly, but also by the quality of the materials used. Only the know-how, experience and professionalism of a manufacturer can guarantee you a good pool table.

9. Choosing your pool diner table

A beautiful pool diner table is a successful blend between your home decoration and the space you give it: A choice of style: our experts will endeavour to help you choose the pool table best suited to your needs, taking into account your taste and budget. Billards Plaisance offers all the contemporary, modern, rustic, classic and timeless designs… more than 30 models with more than 10 standard finishes, not to mention the personalised options, the 3 sizes (1.90 m; 2.10 m; 2.40 m) and the 3 games, American, French and English. We offer a very wide selection.

10. Space

These diagrams (section 4 above) show how much space is required around your pool table.

11. Interchangeable cushions (patent) for French billiards (Carom)

● We are the only one to guide the cushion on its entire length
● We are the only one to tighten the cushions against the cushions’ frame which guarantees no vibrations.
● We offer 3 sets of cushions in conformity with each game (American, French or English)

General information about the game of billiards

1. Billiards

Since when? Billiards was developed in France in the 18th century. All the Kings of France, from Henri II to Louis XIV, devoted themselves to billiards and Napoleon was also an enthusiast player.

2. French pool, American pool, English pool

What are the differences? Three very different games. French pool is played with 3 balls: 2 white and 1 red. The player must, with his/her ball (one of the white ones), hit one of the other two. For the American pool, there is 1 white ball plus 15 coloured numbered balls. The aim is to push, with the same white, all the other balls in the pool pockets. English pool (7 yellow balls – 7 red balls – 1 black ball – 1 white ball) and English snooker (10 red balls – 1 yellow - 1 black – 1 brown – 1 green – 1 pink – 1 blue and 1 white) are both developing and becoming very popular (sic).

3. French pool, American pool and English billiards, which one to choose?

French pool is without any doubt the most rigorous game (sic): this is probably due to the contrast between the great simplicity of the rule and the nonetheless difficulty of the shot. However, the American pool appears to be merrier, therefore more appealing because easier at first glance. Most people choose the American pool, which can then be complemented by subsidiary rules: 8 pool, English billiards (see rule of the games) hence creating a spirit of competition between the players (sic).

4. Is there a statutory size?

The official competitions are played on 3.10m pool tables (for the French game) while lower category competitions are played on 2.80 m pool tables (French and American). All sizes are statutory as long as the ratio is respected: length is twice the width. Consequently, the change from a big to a small pool table is not a problem: the angles, the effects and the strikes are the same and a few minutes are sufficient for the eye to get used to the new size (note from editor: not all English pool tables conform to this 2:1 ratio, although English snooker slates do conform.

5. What is the right age to play billiards?

You can play billiards at any age. Considered as an educational game, it is both interesting and entertaining and children love it (let them play and do not worry about the cloth!). It helps to develop many qualities such as resistance, observation, skill and patience. Billiards is very popular with the 30 – 40 years old: many young French people choose to have a pool table convertible into a dining table in their homes. As for the retired people, they consider billiards to be a very pleasant hobby.

6. How do you learn to play billiards?

With a good instruction book, recommendations from skilful players, practice and…a pool table! And contrary to what you might fear, you will very quickly reach a satisfactory level even if you have never played before. Especially since the pool tables you have at home are relatively small, making it easier to hit the balls.

7. A new pool table or second-hand pool table?

It is difficult to find a good second-hand pool table. Of course, the attraction of discovering one is undeniable, but it must be in perfect condition which is far from easy to find. You have to be very cautious as the maintenance work can be very expensive! Only a new pool table, for often the same cost, can give you the maximum guarantee as regards performance and reliability.

8. Which dimensions to choose?

You can choose to dedicate one room for the table: conservatory, mezzanine, attic, basement. Alternatively, you can have it installed in your living room or dining room. A pool table convertible into a dining room table would then be more suitable. You are bound to find one that would fit smoothly in your home. Bear in mind that wherever you install it, it will be fine. The tables’ reasonable weight allows installation on the second floor or on old parquet floors. To calculate the required space for the game, you must add twice the length of a cue to each side of the table and take away 20 cm to the final result. 1 m – 1.10 m – 1.20 m and 1.40 m cues are available.

9. What is a pool table convertible into a dining room table?

In refining the pool table’s design, Billards Plaisance was able to make it aesthetically more pleasing without affecting its results. The clever addition of a dining top adapted to each model allows to convert the pool table to a dining table very easily. It will take a clever man to guess there is a pool table underneath the dining table…

10. How do you recognize a good pool table?

There are basically three criteria:

* the cloth’s bearing
* the cushions’ rebound
* the table’s levelness

Insofar as the table is concerned, all the Plaisance pool tables are equipped with a slate. The slate bed is fixed to the frame, giving a very accurate result. As for the cloth, a study with a microscope clearly showed the ball being carried by the cloth’s hairs (sic). Finally, the cushions on the Plaisance pool tables are always made of natural rubber ensuring an optimal result.

11. Do you have to fear the tear?

The easily ripped cloths made of felt are over. They are now in wool and nylon and are nearly impossible to tear. So you can play as much as you like! After using the pool table, you will notice that the cloth is covered with small white specks. Do not worry, it is normal. When you hit the ball, it is subjected to an acceleration from 0 to 30 km/h in a split second. The temperature due to the rubbing between the ball and the cloth can easily reach 250° C at the friction point resulting in these white specks.

12. How much does a pool table cost?

Is a pool table expensive? The answer is NO. A pool table is not more expensive than a good quality household equipment: sofa, big screen television or beautiful dining room table (sic).

13. Is the pool table’s installation a problem?

The Plaisance pool tables can be dismantled and are easy to install. If it is a second floor installation, the one piece slate bed will get through the stairs or the window. It is however advisable to take prior measurements to ensure that all the components can go through.

14. Can the pool table be moved to another location?

With a weight between 160 and 320 kg, the Plaisance pool tables can easily be moved around. Whether it is to make space for one evening or to move it to another room, do not hesitate: only a few minutes are required to make your pool table level, the built-in leg levellers being easy to use.

15. Why billiards lights?

The quality of the lighting is vital for a good game. It must be straight and homogeneous. For an incandescent lighting, the light must be placed between 0.85 and 0.90 m above the cloth.

16. Why are there landmarks on a 2.40m pool table?

From an aesthetic point of view, these landmarks bring a finishing touch to your pool table. However, this is not their primary goal. These marks, sometimes used for classic “cannons”, are indispensable for the game in “three cushions” in order to calculate the “front cushion” shot.

17. Tips and recommendations

In order to preserve the original colour of you table’s cloth, we recommend you avoid leaving it for prolonged exposure to the sun. To remove the chalks’ residue and the dust on the cloth, you just need to brush it with the brush which can be included with the table, devised to go under the cushions. Alternatively, you can use your vacuum cleaner, equipped with its brush nozzle, on its slowest speed. The Plaisance pool tables must be looked after like a beautiful piece of furniture. For the waxed tables (“Athenes”, “Florence”) dust them regularly and polish them with a wool cloth. For the varnished tables (all other tables apart from “Paris”), dust them following the wood thread and clean them occasionally with a soft dry cloth. Polish them softly with bee’s wax – with time their sheen will be even more beautiful. For the “Everest” table: clean the legs with soapy water. Do not use any alcohol based products or solvents.

End of text

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Pool Dining Tables made in France

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